#Evidence finds #PHRD alcohol pledges ineffective and unreliable! @InstAlcStud

Today the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) has published a report condemning the Public Health Responsibility Deal for Alcohol, suggesting it has “worsened the health of the nation”.

Dead on Arrival? Evaluating the Public Health Responsibility Deal for Alcohol!

The report’s main findings include:

  • The Responsibility Deal is not endorsed by academics or the public health community.
  • It has pursued initiatives known to have limited efficacy in reducing alcohol-related harm.
  • The evidence on the effectiveness of the Responsibility Deal is limited and unreliable, due to ambiguous goals and poor reporting practices.
  • Where evaluation has been possible, implementation has often failed to live up to the letter and/or spirit of the pledges.
  • The Responsibility Deal appears to have obstructed more meaningful initiatives with a stronger evidence base behind them.

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Alcohol’s Harm to Others in Scotland and North West England – IAS Animated Film

‘In political debates and the media, alcohol consumption is often portrayed as a problem that affects individual drinkers, with a focus on the health and social consequences of heavy and binge drinking. However, alcohol consumption can have a range of negative consequences for people other than the drinker including their families, friends, coworkers and even strangers assaulted in the street or kept up at night.

This short animated film shows the combined results of two surveys carried out in Scotland and the North West of England on the nature and scale of harms that people experience as a result of someone else’s drinking.’

The full report, produced by the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group and funded by the Institute of Alcohol Studies, can be found here. For more information please contact sarg@sheffield.ac.uk.