One step closer to drink drive limit as bill moves to committee stage!


The Alcohol Health Alliance, UKCTAS, the RAC and BRAKE and The Road Safety Charity welcome the progression of the bill on drink driving in the House of Lords today. The bill will now move on to committee stage in the House of Lords, where the full details of the bill will be considered.

This brings us one step closer to saving lives and safer roads for all.

The most recent figures show that in 2013, there were 240 deaths on our roads due to drink driving, and 8270 injuries.

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said:

We welcome the progress in the House of Lords earlier today in support of lowering the drink drive limit. We’re pleased the House has considered this important issue. The strong evidence and public opinion clearly demonstrate to the government there is a need for the limit to be lowered.

There is now more work to do to keep the pressure on the government, and make sure that they pay attention to the overwhelming evidence in support of this move, and the overwhelming public support.

Gary Rae, campaigns director for BRAKE, the road safety charity, said:

Reducing the drink drive limit in England and Wales is long overdue The House of Lords has shown today it is in step with public opinion, with 77% of the public supporting a lower limit, according to Alcohol Health Alliance UK.

Along with Malta, we have the highest limit in Europe, and this is costing lives. We urge the government to do the right thing, save lives, and lower the limit.

RAC public affairs manager Nicholas Lyes said:

Although still a long way from becoming law, the progression of Lord Brooke’s Bill is a promising early step for an amendment to the Road Traffic Act that would lead to a lower drink-drive limit across England and Wales. The RAC urges the Government to consider a legal threshold of 50mg/100ml, which should not only make roads safer, but, according to our own data, would also have the support of the majority of motorists.

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