New #PhD Studentship #opportunity available at @QMUL starting Jan 2016

The historical, sociological, and ethical dimensions surrounding the harms to the health and well-being of self and others from tobacco and alcohol consumption.

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The Department of Law is now open to accepting new applications for a Studentship award, in conjunction with the ESRC and the MRC, to fund research into the area of public health policy.

For more detailed information about the award and its eligibility criteria, please see the web-page below: Topic:

Under the supervision of Professor Richard Ashcroft, and another experienced academic, the successful candidate will work within the overall research topic area mentioned below, and thus applicants are requested to submit a short research proposal (1000 words maximum) outlining their proposed research question:

The tobacco and alcohol industries have worked hard to play down the health effects of their products, and have achieved broad success in shifting the burden of moral proof onto the public health community. The UK and other governments have come under intense lobbying pressure, and criticism from the media, when developing public health policies.

Merely informing consumers, in the context of light regulation of the markets for tobacco and alcohol, can have an important impact but more could be achieved to reduce harm and promote well-being. Even “mere information” approaches have critics, who claim that health education is bullying moralism, and advertising restrictions are human rights violations.

Thus, while nudges, cultural change, social marketing, consumer information, and so on are standard practices of the industries, public health institutions and actors are required to justify their own attempts to use these strategies, and to defend themselves from attacks on their moralism, illiberalism, nannying and/or paternalism. In particular we need both to understand the “libertarian” debates, and to move on from assuming that they should be central to policy development in this area.

About the Award & Eligibility Criteria:

• The award is for full time postgraduate PhD research students, who are from the UK/EU only, and who will reside in or around the London area for the duration of their doctoral studies;
• The award will cover tuition fees for three years and, in addition, the recipient will receive an annual maintenance grant, set at Research Council UK rates – this year, they stand at £15,863.00 per year.
• The recipient must have an academic background in at least one of the fields of Law, Philosophy or a relevant social science or humanities discipline. Ideally an applicant must hold a Masters level degree, gaining a Pass with Distinction overall. However, applicants either with relevant undergraduate degrees who have gained a First, or with a post-graduate degree where they achieved a Merit overall but a Distinction in their dissertation, may also be considered.
• The award is for new applicants looking to enroll in January 2016. Therefore, existing PhD students are not eligible to apply for the award.

Deadline for applications:

The deadline for Studentship applications to the School of Law is Friday 13th November 2015
You must have completed the main PhD application process, including the submission of all required supporting documentation, by the deadline date in order to be considered.

Further Information:

Any informal inquiries about the research proposal for the Studentship can be directed to Prof. Richard Ashcroft, at
If you have any queries relating to the funding application process, e-mail Mr Gareth Skehan, School of Law PhD Admissions Administrator on
For information on how to make an application to the School of Law PhD programme, about the entry requirements and what supporting documentation is required, please see our web-page:

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